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Bill Weedmark

Ain't Nothin' But a Hound Dog, 2004

Everyone's a critic. Don't worry he'll shower before the big day.

Bill Weedmark is a professional photographer and graphic artist with over thirty years experience in the graphic arts industry.

Recently he has been devoting himself exclusively to his first love, photography. Working out of Kingston, he does magazine assignments and environmental portraits specializing in sports as well as developing conceptual exhibitions and fine art black and white prints.

He recently showed his exhibition, Abandonment, at the State of Flux in the Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre in Kingston. The show included approximately fifty images with sound and, as a response to the images, poetry by Tanis Hargrave. He has an image on show in the 6th Annual Regional Juried Exhibition at the Modern Fuel Artist-run Centre, Kingston until May 22. He has two shows in development, Transient Crossings (an exploration of our (ab)use of the environment) and Triplets (a questioning of how the brain hemispheres influence our perception of ourselves).