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Biographical Sketch

Janice P. Van Dijk
1145 Lincoln Drive
Kingston Ontario K7M 4Z7

Site: www.jpvandijk.ca
Email: [email protected]

Janice grew up on a farm in southwestern Ontario. Here she fell in love with the colours and textures of nature. Her creative talents were discovered at a young age. In high school she was encouraged to pursue the fine arts but instead chose the health care/research field. Ten years ago, Janice moved to Kingston. Seeking a balance in her life, she began to focus more on her creative interests. Watercolour courses at St. Lawrence College were her starting point. This was soon followed by fibre art, then photography.

Janice has a passion for rich, bold colours and texture. She is fascinated with the effects of light and shadow. Life around her provides the inspiration. Each medium, whether photography, painting or fibre art, is a vehicle for expressing how she "sees" and "feels" about her natural world, whether it is a rose in a garden, or birch trees found along the rugged trails of a park.

"Feedbags" by Janice P. Van Dijk