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Biographical Sketch

Marsha Gormley

One of Marsha's art instructors once described her as a 'rim walker'. She
loves to balance on the rim between the abstact and real worlds. Her work is romantic and free-spirited reflecting her passion for people, places, pets and nature. Infatuation with colour, line and texture are revealed in the design of her work.

Since childhood she has enjoyed drawing, painting and doodling. During secondary school in Ottawa and at university in Kingston at Queen's she studied art. Throughout her career as an elenentary school teacher she
enjoyed encouraging her student's artistic talents. She frequently used her summer vacations to attend art courses ffrom numerous locally and
internationally recognized artists.

Retired since January 2002 she is now focussing on her artistic interests
and has enjoyed several successful shows in Kingston and area. Marsha says she is "finally getting to do what she really wanted to do when she grew up!"