Let's make her GRAND AGAIN: Call to Visual Artists

The Grand Theatre Restoration Fundraising Committee is presenting a live auction of juried artwork featuring established artists living in Canada. We are hoping you will consider supporting this exciting endeavour which we are undertaking in partnership with galleryBibianne in Toronto. The event will take place in June 2005.

The historic Grand Theatre is in need of both interior and exterior upgrading including elements such as the façade, auditorium, stage, dressing rooms, Springer Lounge, acoustics, and roofing. The Springer Lounge has provided exhibition space for many local artists but is in dire need of improvement. The campaign to restore the Grand Theatre is planning to raise 6.5 million dollars, with 3.9 million coming from the City and 2.5 million to be raised locally.

The Benefit Art Auction will present a limited number of recent works from established local artists and also works from galleryBibianne in Toronto. The artists will receive either a 30% cash payout of the gavel price or a 100% tax receipt. Please note that work from established artists should have a minimum value of $500.00. We are also encouraging emerging artists who have been practising five years or less to submit works valued between $75.00 and $500.00 for the silent auction.

This event will include numerous press releases to announce ticket sales and the preview reception. There will be advertising of the event on the web as well as in local papers.

Please consider contributing to this important local effort to support the Grand Theatre.

Kindly submit the following by March 31, 2005:

" A slide of the work(s) to be considered by the Jury.
" Price, title, medium, size of work. Maximum framed size 36"x48" for established artists (artwork is to be displayed on easels - any art form that conforms to that standard will be considered), 12"x14" for emerging artists.
" A current resume including contact information.

Entries should be marked: Grand Theatre Restoration Fundraising Committee, attention P. June Anderson and can be:
" dropped off Monday to Friday from 10am - 3pm at the Kingston Arts Council Office, 189 Sydenham Street (office is upstairs) (613) 546-2787.
" mailed to the Kingston Arts Council, P.O.Box 1005, Kingston, Ontario, K7L 4X8.
" or e-mailed to "Kingston Arts Council" [email protected].

Thank you very much for your support of this important endeavour.