KAC Town & Country Studio Tour

Registration for the Town & Country Studio Tour is now complete, with over 50 juried professional artists participating! The tour will be held on the weekend after Thanksgiving: October 15, 16, 17 from 10am to 5 pm daily.
We are aiming to have the brochure available for early July, and the website is temporarily under construction and will be up and running soon. Watch this space for the link to the website for the first KAC TOWN & COUNTRY STUDIO TOUR!.

For more information, please contact Janice at 634-8800.

The Gardening Festival 2004

The Kingston Arts Council's involvement for the second year with the Gardening Festival, presented by the Lung Association, was a unique partnership between the two organizations. It ran successfully from February 26 to February 29, 2004. Gardening for pleasure and painting what is pleasurable has always gone hand in hand for artists.<photos>

The 3'rd Annual Juried Arts Salon

The Salon will be open to the public from May 7 until May 27, 2004

Artists may submit up to two original and recent (2002-2004) works of art, created without the assitance of an instructor, in any medium, including decorative art.

Registration Forms are available online in PDF format. Download them with the free Adobe Reader.

View page 1 and the registration form.
View page 2 and the two artwork labels.

They are also found throughout the city and can be mailed out from our office. Please call Joan at (613) 546-2787.

Art Awards of Excellence

The Kingston Arts Council is proud of our artists and on June 4, 2004 the Kingston Arts Council will host the first of a regular annual awards gala to celebrate excellence in Kingston's arts community. <MORE>

Welcoming Diversity

Welcoming Diversity, a study to determine the needs of underserved groups in the community, including multicultural and multiethnic agencies, immigrant artists, and social service organizations. The aim is to adopt policies and practices that can address cultural diversity more effectively. If you would like more information please contact Joan Sutherland at the office. (613) 546-2787<to top>

Kingston InSightS

The KISS project was designed to develop community awareness through art and increase the awareness of art throughout the community.

Ten professional artists were chosen from the Kingston region by KISS facilitators Ian Hodkinson and Julie Fiala. From May to November 2003 the artists collaborated with various community groups to produce ten unique works using different media. Each one spoke loudly and clearly to the diversity of communities that exist in Kingston, to their need for a voice in the community, and to their inter-relationships within the fabric of the city.

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Cultural Facilities Assessment Report

o you think Kingston needs a cultural centre? The Kingston Arts Council recently completed a cultural spaces needs asseessment survey to determine whether the community lacks adequate and sufficient facilities to house arts service organizations and other cultural groups.

(The following reports are all pdf files. Download the free Adobe Reader to access them.)

Cultural Facilities Assessment Report (PDF)
Appendix-Arts Groups Surveyed (PDF)
Breakdown of
Needs (PDF)


New Media Arts Centre

Do you work with video? Are you a digital artist or digital music producer? Do you need a place to show your work, meet other creators, learn about some new software, or rent that odd piece of equipment? Do you always think of the media co-ops in Toronto or Ottawa with envy and wonder why we can't have something like it here in Kingston? <MORE>

The Kingston Arts Council presents a unified voice for the arts in the Kingston Community. We want to inspire and engage the community in support, development and appreciation of the arts. The Kingston Arts Council is a registered non-profit organization. Membership is available to anyone or any group active in, or interested in any aspect of the creative arts.

  • Network and discuss key arts and culture issues with other arts enthusiasts
  • Receive the latest news and information relevant to cultural policy and practices
  • Join a mentoring program...or become a mentor
  • Participate in studies on aspects of arts and culture needs and practices
  • Receive early notice of upcoming events and programs

To find out more information about membership please see the KAC Membership page.