Monday, March 3, 2008

New Cultural Director To Stage Grand Renaissance

Brian McCurdy Brings Experience In Range Of Respected Venues

Drum roll please: Brian McCurdy is to be Kingston's new Cultural Director, a position created to help shepherd the City's extraordinary wealth of performing arts' talent and build a cohesive cultural program to rival any in the world.

Initially taking the helm at the renewed Grand Theatre, McCurdy is expected to harness the excitement around the reopening of the landmark venue to make it the cornerstone of an even more extensive, vibrant, multi-faceted performing arts scene he will nourish, guide and bridge as a facilitator.

And he's just the man to do it. McCurdy is a showbiz veteran and a maestro of building collaborative cultural communities and establishing new venues.

The new Cultural Director position sets the stage for aligning city staff and resources to elevate the profile of culture - and strengthen the City's commitment to parks and recreation. Mark Fluhrer, Director of Culture and Recreation, and a highly-valued member of the city's senior management team, following a period of
transition, will focus his considerable expertise and energies on strengthening the delivery of recreational programs and services, integrating parks and open space planning and development, and championing a variety of community development efforts.



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