Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Reminder about January Networking Event

Dear Arts Friends,

This is a reminder about the Arts Council networking events that are happening in a couple of weeks. I really hope you can attend. When we launch our new (exciting!) website in the spring, we want to have every artist and arts teacher in the performing, literary, design and visual arts represented in the free online directory. There will also be other opportunities available, and we'd love to have your feedback and suggestions about the Arts Council in general.

You are invited to any Networking and Info sessions that will be exclusively devoted to discussing the new Website and Arts Council activities from 7-9 pm on the following dates:

January 13 - Sydenham Street United Church (82 Sydenham St.)
Musicians/Singers/Music Teachers
January 18 - Upper Canada Academy. of Performing Arts (260 Brock St.)
Visual Artists/Artisans/Photographers
January 19 - Queen's University Grad Club (main level, Barrie and Union)
Music/Writers/Film/New Media Arts
January 25 - Upper Canada Academy of Performing Arts
Performing Arts/Theatre

You are particularly invited to come to the session that best fits what you do, however if the date is inconvenient please feel free to attend one of the other sessions. If you're not yet a member - or want to sign up for your free listing online before the meeting - please visit our current website,

RSVP's would be appreciated by THURSDAY, January 14; please send to [email protected]


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