Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Survey on Cultural Employment

The Conference Board of Canada and the Cultural Human Resource Council are undertaking a large-scale survey on Cultural Employment inCanada.  This survey will provide detailed information for a cross-sectoral study that directly touches on Visual Arts and Craft as a part of the whole.

Please fill out the Conference Board's Survey.  Participation for our sector has been reported to be low thus far, and we want to ensure the reality of our sector is accurately reflected! It would be great if you could also pass this link along to your constituents, and encourage them to circulate it through their own local contacts as well.  All responses are important and greatly appreciated, whether you are an employer, self-employed, an employee,unemployed, a volunteer or a student.
The survey can be accessed at: www.conferenceboard.ca/culturesurvey.aspx

Thank you for your participation. Let's make sure that Craft is counted in this rare and impactful national survey.


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