"Magnolia" 18.5"x46.5" price...$465"
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Tammy Shane

Artist Statement

Since childhood, Tammy was most a t home with a sketchbook and pencil in hand, creating images and playing with colour, which became her second nature. Residing in the small village of Odessa, local farmers became very familiar with her afternoon habits, sitting in the fields drawing livestock. Only when the farmers fertilized thier fields and the weather refused to co-operate, did Tammy mover her passion indoors.

It was at this time that she chose to embrace her talents and pursue her studies in Fine Art at Brock University. Later, in 2001, she finished her final year at Queen's University in the Venice Summer School Program. As a compliment to her Fine Art Degree, Tammy challenged her skills in the Advanced Illustration Program at Sheridan College in Oakville.

Returning once again to the country, Tammy specializes in acrylic paint on canvas. Her work mingles a painterly technique with contemporary images. Inspired by elements in nature she begins with a single object, swirling it in a rich colour palatte, exploring every detail. The anticipation of the unfinished piece is what drives her foreward.

As an emerging artist, Tammy has most recently taken part in the Kingston art's Council Juried Exhibition, attaing the People's Choice Award. Working mainly on commissioned pieces, in the privacy of her own home, Tammy is fascinated by all of the possibilities of communication through Fine Art.


"Chocolate Peony" 24"x24"
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"Porcelaine Poppy" 14"x14"
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"Orchid" 10"x14"
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