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The Definition of Multimedia.

The term multimedia describes a number of diverse technologies that allow visual and audio media to be combined in new ways for the purpose of communicating. Applications include entertainment, education and advertising.

Multimedia often refers to computer technologies. Nearly every PC built today is capable of multimedia because they include a CD-ROM or DVD drive, and a good sound and video card (often built into the motherboard). But the term multimedia also describes a number of dedicated media appliances, such as digital video recorders (DVRs), interactive television, MP3 players, advanced wireless devices and public video displays.

History of Multimedia (Multi-Media Once Meant Film And Slide-show Extravaganzas)

The term Multi-Media, which was used during the 1970's to describe a particular theater-based film and slide-show collage experience, has now been shortened to just the word "multimedia". From the mid 80's through the late 90's, the prevalent meaning of multimedia was a category of "authoring" software that allowed designers to develop interactive computer programs without having to have advanced programming skills. Examples include Apple's HyperCard, Icon AuthorWare, Asymetrix Toolbox, and Scala MultiMedia. This category of software still exists, and is sometimes referred to as multimedia, but the term is now is used to more generally describe nearly every hardware or software technology that displays images or plays sounds.

The meaning of multimedia has expanded.

In recent years, the term multimedia has taken on more and different meanings to an ever-increasing audience. Some of us are experiencing a form of multimedia "narrowcast" through digital cable. The term "multimedia networking" is being used to describe the massive multi-million dollar content management systems used by large corporations to serve their video assets, as well as the digital signage advertising networks now appearing in retail. Home DVD editing software, some of which currently retails for under $100, can be categorized as multimedia, along with the latest generation of mobile phones capable of taking and sending voice annotated photos.

The term multimedia will continue to evolve and take on as many new meanings as the technologies and applications it is being used to describe.

KAC Members - Multimedia Artists