Storytelling Workshop with Diane Wolkstein

Well-told stories entertain, teach, heal, nourish the soul and take us on great adventures. To know a good story is to have a treasure no one can take away. Telling the right story at the right moment is the work of the storyteller.

This workshop with master storyteller and teacher Diane Wolkstein is for everyone who loves stories, wants to hear more stories, or wants to learn to tell stories. We will experiment with different storytelling techniques-verbal and physical—and each person will have an opportunity to tell a story. Wolkstein will discuss approaches to developing your storytelling talents and describe different genres of story. She will also tell stories.

Diane Wolkstein was the co-founder of the New York City Storytelling Center

Whether telling fairy tales or epics, Diane speaks from the heart of the story. She was the co-founder of the NYC Storytelling center and started the first workshops on storytelling for the International Storytelling Center in Jonesborough, TN. She’s received the Award for Excellence in storytelling and has taught mythology and storytelling at New York University, Sarah Lawrence, The New School, and began the storytelling program at Bank St. College of Education.

Performer, Author, Scholar, Innovator. In the seventies, Diane was the first folk tale collector to include the storytellers and their storytelling in her now classic collection, The Magic Orange Tree. In the eighties, she collaborated with S.N. Kramer to offer us the very first and only written epic of the goddess, Inanna from ancient Iraq. And in her latest book, Treasures of the Heart, she presents a new vision and interpretation of Biblical stories.