Barbara Carr at The Upstairs Gallery
June 1 ~ June 25
Public Reception: Tuesday, June 8, 2004, 5pm -7 p.m.

The works by Barb Carr currently on display at The Upstairs Gallery show a fascination with the texture and patterns of rocks and stones, both in their natural state and as part of the build environment. She successfully uses two quite different media and techniques to explore this theme: large fluid acrylic paintings and smaller watercolour monoprints.

The large works convey a remarkable feeling of texture, created through building up many translucent layers of fluid acrylics to produce a depth that draws you into the painting. Carr creates a pattern of stones within this texture by painting the negative spaces around them, "carving" them out of the background. Carr confidently combines very free and unstructured applications of paint at the beginning of the painting process with more deliberate and detailed applications later on to produce intriguing and powerful images.

Likewise, the smaller watercolour monoprints invite the viewer to a close-up enjoyment of rock textures. Strong linear patterns and exciting colours enhance the tactile feeling that these works convey.

Stone is all around us in Kingston - in our buildings, our dry-stone walls and in the natural environment. Carr's paintings engage the viewer's attention, leading the eye through an exploration of stone's unique patterns and textures. Thus each of the paintings provides a satisfying focus for contemplation and visual enjoyment.

All are invited to view Barbara Carr's paintings
during June 2004 upstairs at The Upstairs Gallery
189 Sydenham St., Monday to Friday between 9am-5pm.

For more information contact the Upstairs Gallery's Director, Keith Skelton. 613-353-6218 / [email protected]
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"Stream Bed"~ Fluid Acrylic

"Stones" ~ Fluid Acrylic

"Deconstruction2" ~ Fluid Acrylic