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Lori Dowds

Artist's Statement

"I have been guided in many directions in my life by this wondrous universe, and the central theme to all of my endeavours has been healing. Through my pursuit of poetry, massage therapy, cooking and my passion for painting, I have sought a means to connect with and nurture others. My paintings are abstract so as not to limit the interpretation of the emotion represented. I believe Symbolism is a universal language that speaks directly to the heart.

Our world desperately needs love and clarity for us humans to thrive. My paintbrush has been the key to opening my heart and showing the world my naked, vulnerable soul or, as I like to call it, my Inner Essence. As I am guided, I find a peaceful sense of purpose and belonging when I see the effect of comfort and inspiration my artwork has had on others.

I don't believe in reality, at least not an absolute reality. I believe each of us, as an individual, perceives the world through a unique collection of
experiences which influences what we believe to be real. Through this filter, we interpret, absorb and judge all external things. I know my paintings to be a reflection of my reality. Often they unfold before my eyes and reveal a part of me that I was unaware of, like a sixth sense, and I learn from them."


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