Monday, March 3, 2008

Call for Submissions @ The Artel

THE ARTEL has just 3 exhibition opportunities remaining in 2008

Deadline for proposals: March 17, 2008

THE ARTEL has 3 exhibition opportunities remaining in 2008. Participation is open to emerging artists currently or formally living in Kingston Ontario and the surrounding communities, and is also open to artists with other kinds of connections to the Greater Kingston area.

The exhibition slots are scheduled for July, October and November 2008.

Those selected receive a 3-week exhibition slot in the Artel's 530 sq/foot gallery, at no charge. Promotion, administration, installation assistance and gallery volunteers are all included. Some charges may apply for an opening reception. Proposals will be selected by The Artel Collective according to the artistic merit of the work.

As part of the project, The Artel Collective will host public dinners on April 12 and October 18, which the artists are requested to attend to contribute to discussion on 'life as an artist in Kingston'.

If presenting your work in an alternative, community-minded arts venue sounds appealing please send your proposal by email to:

[email protected] or drop off/mail to:
205 Sydenham Street, Kingston Ontario K7K 3M3

Please include the following in your proposal package:
A one page description your project
AND/OR Your artist statement
AND Your artist resume / curriculum vitae
OR A descriptive and detailed overview of your arts experience
AND Images of your work, on CD, DVD, or colour print-out / portfolio, with an image list including titles, medium, and size of works
A maximum half-page answer to the question
'what is it like to be an artist in a place like Kingston?'

*This project is supported by the City of Kingston Arts Fund and the Kingston Arts Council 2008



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