Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Kingston's Biggest Solo Art Exhibit to Open

KINGSTON, ONTARIO (June 28, 2009) - With almost fifty works of art on over one hundred thirty linear feet of wall, the upcoming show of A. Michael Shumate is likely the biggest solo art exhibit in recent Kingston history, maybe ever. The show will take place from July 17 to 23 at the St. Lawrence College Gallery, Kingston. There will be an opening reception Thursday, July 16 from 7 to 9 p.m.

The St. Lawrence gallery is big, wrapping around the skylit stairwell. "I won't have a problem filling it," Michael explains. "I've been preparing all year for another exhibit that didn't happen, so I have more than enough pieces. I'm really excited about them."

Michael is a career graphic designer and illustrator whose work has been used all over the world for such clients as Business Week Magazine, McGraw Hill Publishers and British Airways Magazine. For the last 22 years he's been a professor of graphic design and illustration at St. Lawrence College. He's been exhibiting his fine art for over 40 years. In addition to being a teacher, Michael is also an author and professional speaker.

This show should provide something for everyone: abstracts, landscapes and sculpture. That much variety of style is unusual in a solo exhibit, but Michael has wide interests and these are reflected in his art. "I paint landscapes because there's something about the harmony and tranquility of nature that feeds the soul.

"I paint abstracts because non-representational art gives a different kind of viewer experience. It can allow more free association than when looking at representational art. One can relate to it on a visceral level and find beauty in the color and form alone, without the distraction of subject matter. Moreover, with non-representational art it is also possible to render subjects that would otherwise be invisible, like emotions, feelings and abstract concepts.

"I've had people say that looking at my work is like a peaceful, almost a spiritual experience, and that feeling seems to increase the longer they look at it. To me that's the highest compliment I could receive."

To see some of the work that will be displayed in the show, visit: http://MichaelShumate.com/show.html

Michael Shumate, BFA, RGD
[email protected]
613-767-9147 (cell)


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