Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Call for submissions: HIV/AIDS Regional Services Lantern Festival

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS for HIV/AIDS Regional Services Lantern Festival
(following on the heels of the Kingston AIDS Walk for Life) on September
18th 2009, 8 p.m. at City Park

An event that ignites the imagination and stirs the spirit.

Every year HIV/AIDS Regional Services holds an AIDS Walk to raise funds
for the organization. For
the past three years we have combined this annual event with a lantern
festival. The purpose of the
festival is to create a magical, memorable, evening that focuses on
people's resilience in the face of
the pandemic, and through the affirming effect of light, convey a
message of hope.
We are inviting submissions from Kingston artist's to participate in
this year's Lantern Festival by
developing a light installation in response to the theme "spark".
Because of the nature of this theme,
collaborative projects are encouraged.

"Spark" is the light that starts the fire. It represents
one light that is part of a stronger glow. It speaks to
how one person's actions can ignite a movement for
change. It talks about the illumination created that
drives social activism and inspires making change. It
can be electric.

Spark is what pulls us together as community, and
what generates the heat to charge our imaginations
and fuel our spirits. It kindles relationships and triggers
empathy and connection with others whose lives
and experiences may be quite different from our own.
HIV is a virus. It can also be a call to connect with
others around health and healing, around combating
stigma and discrimination, around caring for those
whose circumstances in life have led to risk of infection.
It challenges us to grow, to become conscious
citizens of a better world, a wider community, a more
meaningful way of living.

Keep in mind that this is a temporary evening event, lit without the use
of electrical outlets, in a park
full of trees, and with walkways lined in paper lanterns. There are
several locations along the route of
the walk through the festival where there is light provided by streetlamps.

The submission deadline is March 15th, 2010. Please send a current
artist cv, statement of intent,
and 10 digital images in jpg format of relevant art practice to HIV/AIDS
Regional Services at 844A
Princess Street, Kingston ON K7L 1G5. An honorarium of $250 will be
provided per successful project.
Please contact Rebecca Anweiler, [email protected]
<mailto:[email protected]> phone (613.545.3698) or Joseph Babcock
[email protected] <mailto:[email protected]>
(613.545.3698) with any questions.


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