Alana Kapell with Collectors

Our Projects - Kingston InSightS Project

Finders Keepers, What Do You Collect?

See WHY and HOW a slice of our Kingston community lifts mundane objects out of the common purposes of daily life into the realm of magic and the sacred through passion, obsessiveness and the ritual of collecting.

This group of collectors challenges the traditional notions of collecting. They do not go in for the pricey antique market. Most of the collections do not have a monetary value. What are being collected here are invaluable memories, cosmic recollections and spiritual insights, historical (personal and social) data and a few laughs. Not to say that aesthetics aren't involved.

We invite you to be curious and inspired by wonder, to laugh and shake your head at this display of "stuff" culture. We also invite you to share with us your own secret treasures.

What do you collect?