Kathleen Sellers with McBurney Park Users


Kathleen Sellers has been working with her neighbours on a photo-based piece of McBurney Park. An intriguing history, this North-End site continues to be a neighbourhood hub of daily activity, annual events and local politics. In part due to the dynamics of this place, each of the six participants documents the park from a very different perspective.

For example, Walter Durante combines archival photos of the site as graveyard with current photos shot by him from a similar viewpoint; Pam Leblanc depicts a peripheral view of the park that suggests a narrative; Julian Brown records the growth of the perennial garden that he planted and continues to maintain; Anne Lougheed takes portraits of some of the other many dog walkers and their dogs; Wayne Westfall takes a position as both an artist and wheel chair user; Lindsay Fair documents the annual Go Cart Derby from her perspective as a volunteer and co-organizer of this community event; and Melanie Dugan uses the playground equipment as the subject for her elegant graphic compositions.

The groups of images that make up the final poster will provide viewers with insight into this park as a local social site, and also reveal the complexity of our neighborhood through the varied perspectives and visual aesthetics.