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november 2005


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artsBUZZ Submissions Policy & Guidelines 2005

The Kingston Arts Council welcomes submissions for publication online in artsBUZZ that are arts & culture-related and of interest to the greater Kingston and Southeastern Ontario community.

Our new submissions policy and guidelines* are as follows:

Submissions must be received at least five business days prior to the publication date (The first day of the Month). Any submissions received past this date will be given second or third priority and may not be published.

Submissions received via e-mail are preferred and will be given priority, although faxes and snail-mail are also acceptable.

Text submissions should be typed in a standard, True-Type, sans-serif legible font (such as Arial, Tahoma, Verdana etc.) between 10 pts and 12 pts, in black on a white background (hand-written letters will not be accepted). Digital submissions should be in a standard file format such as a word document (.doc) supported by our MS Windows XP PC operating system. Microsoft Word is recommended. NB:.pdf files are not recommended. Please do not submit material in hypertext (HTML or DHTML/XML).

Accompanying visuals or logos should be in a standard HTML-compatible digital file format such as a .jpg, .gif, .png (.jpg recommended). We do not guarantee that visuals will be included with published text and vice-versa.

Announcements for coming events, performances, exhibitions etc. are permitted a maximum of 200 words, and a maximum of two accompanying visuals.

Please submit civil, polite and tasteful material that is arts & culture related. Offensive or highly controversial material will not be published (such as vulgar expletives and sexually explicit material).

Submissions become the property of Kingston Arts Council upon acceptance and will not be returned to the sender unless requested. (For mailed submissions, please enclose a SASE).

The Editor and the Kingston Arts Council reserve the right to edit submissions for content, grammar, spelling, punctuation, style and length.

The Editor and the Kingston Arts Council reserve the right to decline submissions for publication.

The Editor and the Kingston Arts Council are not responsible for the content or claims of published submissions in our newsletter or on our website.

Opinions expressed in artsBUZZ pertain to the individual and do not reflect upon nor represent in any manner the opinions, views, policies or point of view of the Kingston Arts Council nor those of the Editor .

*These guidelines are those of the Editor and have not been approved by the Board of Directors for the Kingston Arts Council. These guidelines are temporary and subject to change without notice.

send submissions via email to: [email protected] (subject:artsBUZZ)

via fax: 613-546-7866

via mail:
Kingston Arts Council
PO Box 1005
Kingston ON K7L 4X8

[email protected]