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The Icicle Princess

By Ken Weston
Music Composed by Joyce MacLean
Designed and directed by Will Britton and Peter Aston
Musical direction by Kate van Allen

Saturday, December 10 at 1, 3 & 7 pm
Sunday, December 11 at 2 & 4 pm
L'Octave Theatre, 711 Dalton Ave.

The Icicle Princess is a children's/family musical, complete with magic, loads of special effects and thirteen original songs. Roc and Auk are two penguins who find themselves lost in the Arctic instead of being in the Antarctic, three days before Christmas.

They meet a number of characters including Princess Aurora, Seymour the Walrus, Willie the Wind, Jacques Rembrandt Frost, King and Queen Winter; who all attempt to help the Penguins return home safely for Christmas. They all fail in their attempts, sometimes with disastrous results. Then along comes Polaris, the wizard to the rescue. But, can he help them where others fail?

Come and see what happens when magic goes wrong and how the situation is finally resolved. Great fun for the young and young at heart-ages 5 to 95. Bring your grandkids!

Admit one - $12
Tickets available at the Grand Theatre Box Office, 185 Sydenham St.; by calling 613-530-2050; or purchase online:


The Eight: Reindeer Monologues
Written by Jeff Goode, directed by Tim Fort

November 30 to December 10
Wellington Street Theatre
(corner of Wellington and Johnson Streets)

Theatre Kingston is pleased to present The Eight: Reindeer Monologues. A dark, dark Christmas comedy; the storyline is packed with hilarious, irreverent humour surrounding the time-honoured Christmas icons, Santa and his eight tiny reindeer !

Scandal erupts at the North Pole when one of Santa’s eight tiny reindeer accuses him of sexual harassment. As mass media descends upon the event, the other members of the sleigh team demand to share their perspectives, and a horrific tale of corruption and perversion emerges, which seems to implicate everyone from the littlest elf to the tainted Santa himself. With each deer’s confession, the truth behind the shocking allegations becomes clearer and clearer …and murkier and murkier.

Le Chien Noir, a classic French bistro on Brock Street - offers a special Theatre Kingston pre-show dinner and theatre package. Reservations are needed to enjoy this delicious, entertaining evening. Call the Grand Theatre Box Office for reservations 530-2050.

For further information call:
Pam Murray 544-2021

Domino Theatre presents


by Randy Courts, based on stories by O. Henry
December 1 - 17
(Thursday, Friday & Saturday) at 8 pm
Domino Theatre, 370 King Street West

It is Christmas in New York, but for two young lovers, Jim and Della, the prospects are bleak as both are out of work and penniless. But as those familiar with the famous O. Henry story are aware, their dilemma is solved when both part with their most precious possessions in order to buy presents for each other.

Admit one - $15
Tickets available at the Grand Theatre Box Office, 185 Sydenham St.; by calling 613-530-2050; or purchase online:


ArtHappens 5

Queen's University Performance Art Studies
Wednesday, December 7; 7 pm
Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre, 21A Queen St.



Thursday, December 15 at 7:30 pm
Kingston Memorial Centre, 303 York Street

Celebration On Ice an evening of world-class entertainment in a wholesome, family-oriented atmosphere.

Choreographed by Brian Orser, Celebration on Ice is truly a celebration of skating - showcasing the best Canadian talent rediscovering their roots. Skaters on their first steps to becoming world champions celebrate a Canadian heritage of skating.

Cast includes: Kurt Browning, Brian Orser, Elvis Stojko, Shae-Lynn Bourne, Jennifer Robinson, The Awesome, Astounding Acrobats and many more. An evening not to be missed!

Side Bleacher Seat - $46.75 + GST
End Bleacher Seat - $39.25 + GST

Tickets available at the Grand Theatre Box Office, 185 Sydenham St.; by calling 613-530-2050; or purchase online: