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Port Hope Estival! 2010 Call for Vendors/Artists




We are organizing for year 3 of Port Hope Estival! and we are excited about what we have in the works.

We are sending this letter in hopes that you will put Port Hope Estival! on your website so all artists & artisans will have an opportunity to participate in a truly unusual arts event.

You can check out our website at

Thank you for your time & attention.




Marielle Lambert

chair, Port Hope Estival!

[email protected]





2010 Port Hope Estival Art Vendor Application



Your Name: _____________________ Business Name: __________________________

Street Address: __________________________________ Phone: __________________

Town/City: _____________________ Postal Code: _________ Fax _________________

Email Address: _______________________________________________

Rentals are for two day event, front entry only, and includes 1 table, 1 chair, 1-15amp electrical outlet, where available.  Please circle below, the appropriate category;

Art Vendor (10’ x 10’ in tent): $125,   OR,   (10’x20’ in tent) $225, 

Charitable Org. (10’ x 10’ in tent): $50   Table Only (outdoors): $50 (no discount)

*Artists or Charitable organizations may supply their own tent & get at 25% discount.

*** All vendors must supply their own fire extinguisher (min. 1A 10BC).


Do you require power? (Circle)  Yes     No      Additional Power Required? Yes     No

(There will be an extra of $25.00 charge for Additional Power)

Do you require a table? (Circle)  Yes    No  (Does not apply to those with Table Only)

Insurance: Some Art Vendors (depending on art form) will require insurance.

Do you have $2 Million liability insurance? (Circle)  Yes                   No


Please list merchandise and/or media type you will be selling/displaying.  We do not wish to have identical items sold side-by-side, allowing everyone to maximize their profits.  This is an arts and cultural arts event. Mass produced merchandise will not be permitted and you may be asked to remove these items or leave the event.





Set-up date is Friday July 30, 2010 (9am - 6pm) and Saturday July 31 (6am - 9am).

You are expected to have your booth open during the following times;

Event Dates and Times: Saturday and Sunday from 10am-6pm


Estival General Rules


You may be required to show your booth sales receipt for vehicle access to restricted areas for set-up and tear down purposes. Make sure you have it or you may be denied entry.  There will be limited on-site volunteer security at all times, as a courtesy to our vendors, however we cannot be held liable for lost, stolen or damaged product and/or vehicles. You are ultimately responsible for your own safety and security.



Each booth space is 10’ x 10’ exactly.  Do not encroach on your neighbour.  Please ensure that your display does not obstruct the view of neighbouring exhibits. 

If providing your own marquis, your booth must be flame resistant & will be safety and fireproof inspected to ensure that marquis/tent pegs are not a tripping hazard & there are no fire hazards.



Art Vendors will be inside our artist’s village tent, unless they opt to bring their own marquis and pay the reduced fee. Chairs will be provided.



You are expected to maintain staff in your booth at all times during event hours.  Very limited volunteer staff may be available to assist for short periods of time at your request for washroom & food breaks.



You will be permitted signs in your designated area only.  All other signs will be removed.



If an exhibitor needs to cancel, they must notify the organizers of Port Hope Estival! in writing before July 1 2010. The registration fee minus a processing charge of $50.00 will be refunded.

Should an exhibitor withdraw after July 1 2010 Port Hope Estival will retain the entire application fee.


No Shows/Latecomers;

Space not claimed by 8:00am on Saturday August 1, will be reassigned and payment will not be refunded.  Under special circumstances, you may be permitted to arrive late (under the sole discretion of the Estival management) with pre-approval, however you will not be permitted vehicle entry into restricted areas.

Subletting will not be permitted without express written, preauthorization from Estival Management.



The applicant must be the designer and maker of the work represented by the application.  Agents and Dealers are not eligible.  No work produced or sourced by any commercial means will be accepted. 



Payments will be accepted by Cash or Cheque prior to May 31, 2010.

After this date, a $20 surcharge will apply.

Please make cheques payable to Port Hope Estival.


Estival Payment Authorization Form


This form, along with Vendor Application Form and proof of Insurance liability (where required) may be mailed or delivered to the following address;


Port Hope Estival c/o 15 Bloomsgrove Avenue, Port Hope, ON, L1A 1X3.


For more information, contact

Estival Chair (Marielle Lambert) at [email protected]


Note: Choice of location will be given on a first-come, first serve basis.  If you are demonstrating an art form throughout the event days, please state so on your application and you will be offered first choice of available locations, provided that your application and payment are submitted by May 31, 2010.


I have read and understood the Estival General Rules and shall not hold Port Hope Estival liable for personal loss or damage. 




Printed Name__________________________    Date________________________



Form of Payment: (Please circle)        Cheque       Cash


Total Amount Paid $______________________





We wish each of you an enjoyable, profitable experience!


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