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City of Kingston Arts Fund Review Underway!


The arts scene in Kingston is always changing and growing and the Arts Advisory Committee has been taking a look at the City of Kingston Arts Fund and proposing some possible changes in an effort to keep it relevant and effective. The review is currently underway and you’re encouraged to take a look at what is being proposed and provide feedback!


The CKAF was created in 2007 and while the administration is reviewed annually by the Kingston Arts Council, the Arts Advisory Committee created a CKAF Review Working group to review the mandate and make recommendations that respond to how the arts are changing in Kingston.  Recommendations from the Working Group include a revised set of objectives for the CKAF that are designed to foster creativity, encourage social cohesion, enhance quality of life and encourage economic development.


This process is public and you can view the CKAF Review Working Group Report here

The public can also attend the Arts Advisory Committee meetings to learn more about what is being proposed. 

Arts Advisory Committee Meetings

Thursday, July 25 – 1 pm – Councillors’ Lounge – City Hall

Thursday, August 8 – 9 am – Councillors’ Lounge – City Hall


Send us your thoughts

Ted Worth, Grants Director, City of Kingston Arts Fund, Kingston Arts Council [email protected]