Kingston Arts Council

 Kingston Prize Exhibition

About Us Our Purpose

We are an umbrella organization devoted to promoting the creation, production, presentation and appreciation of the arts in Kingston and the surrounding region.

To achieve our mission, we:
    * Advocate for artists and arts organizations
    * Foster and encourage dialogue within the arts community
    * Coordinate arts initiatives
    * Gather, organize, store, and disseminate arts related information
    * Promote the strengths of the arts community
    * Encourage excellence in the arts
    * Foster education in the arts
As an arts umbrella, the KAC does not make art, literature, architecture, crafts, design, music or theatre, but seeks to support in every way possible the work of those arts professionals, amateurs, students, and other members of the Kingston arts community who do. Simply put our vision is 'Buy Local'.
The KAC believes that the arts are a vital, invaluable component of life and that every member of our community should have the opportunity to experience art, whether as creator or observer.   
We represent over 200 individual and organizational members from across the artistic disciplines, and strive to serve their needs along the themes of community awareness, political representation, professional development and public presentation.  We advocate for our sector by monitoring public policy, synthesizing arts issues for the community at large, and  representing the interests of artists. We also offer a range of services that allow artists to publicize their events, network, and access affordable and relevant educational opportunities.
The KAC additionally functions as a program initiator, a regional project coordinator,  and a builder of creative partnerships among professional artists, arts organizations, funders, and other community stakeholders. Community arts projects that seek to engage new audiences and inspire the creation of new work have become a priority program of the council, and we frequently support emerging organizations as an intermediary sponsor.
The KAC helps nurture and raise awareness of the arts through special projects and partnerships in community initiatives. Some of these have been:
Juried Arts Salon
Kingston Area Performing Arts Guide
Kingston Arts Guide
Gardening Festival
Birch Bark Canoe Building Project
Kingston Arts Council Gallery
KISS Project
T.C.C. Cummings Project