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The Nan Yeomans Grant for Artistic Development aims to help promising young artists and/or artisans in furthering their education and professional artistic growth. This grant, totaling $2,500 in value will be awarded to one successful applicant by a peer jury based on the artistic merit of their work and previous accomplishments, and the eligibility of their proposal. Grant monies are intended to be put towards focused training or guided creation.

2012 Nan Yeomans Grant for Artistic Development Guidelines

2012 Nan Yeomans Grant for Artistic Development Application Form


Nan Yeomans was an artist who lived most of her adult life in Kingston, until her passing in 2004. Born 1923 in Petworth, Ontario, she was a child of rural Canada, growing with nature and the love of interpreting it. Nan had a sense of duty and was unafraid of hard work and diligence. In her late twenties she enjoyed three summers at Queen’s University Summer School of Fine Arts, where under the guidance of prominent artists, Nan found direction. With the example of her mentors and the companionship of colleagues, she realized she was not alone in her drive to create. From then and for the rest of her 82 years she stayed busy with her art and her other responsibilities, but always found time to contribute to community. Nan lived a full artistic life with no aspirations of fame nor fortune. Eventually, she left those that had known her with a profound sense of respect and love for the small woman who lived a life of gentle strength in character and constant creation. This grant is intended to honor Nan’s legacy by supporting individuals whose ambitions incorporate communion with other artists in a focused context, and who display potential for a professional artistic career. Established in 2006, the Nan Yeomans Grant for Artistic Development fund provides a yearly grant to support Nan's legacy in the community; this grant is made possible through an endowment fund administered by the Community Foundation for Kingston & Area.

This grant, totaling $2,500 in value will be awarded to one successful applicant by a peer jury based on the artistic merit of their work and previous accomplishments, and the eligibility of their proposal. A Jury will review all grant applications received. A public award ceremony is planned to take place at the Kingston Arts Council’s Year in Review on Saturday, December 1 at the Kingston Yacht Club.


This grant is open to all emerging artists and artisans between 17- 40 years of age, in the early years of their professional careers. The Nan Yeomans Grant defines an “emerging” artist and artisan as one who has specialized training in his or her field (not necessarily gained in an academic institution), who is at an early stage in his or her career, and who has created a modest independent body of work.

All applicants must be living in the Greater Kingston area, defined by the Community Foundation for Kingston & Area as Loyalist Township, City of Kingston, Township of South Frontenac, Township of Central Frontenac, Township of North Frontenac, and Township of Frontenac Islands for details //click//.

Only artists working in visual media may apply. This includes all disciplines and cross-disciplines of painting, printmaking, drawing, photography, sculpture, installation, pottery, weaving, spinning and sewing, glasswork, and metalwork, and also includes video and experimental film-making.

Eligible uses of the grant include: funding post-secondary studies in an arts program, enrolment in workshops, specialized skills training, mentorships and residencies, the purchase of equipment and/or materials, and travel costs only where such use of the grant will directly enable the applicant to work closely with other artists of similar or advanced skill level.




1.     Completed application form

2.     An artist statement and bio (CVs are welcomed but not required).

3.     Up to 10 images on CD of recent work. Images should be jpgs (minimum 150dpi, 1024x768 pixels maximum image size). Note: please be sure to test your CD

4.     A corresponding numbered image list indicating the title, year, size and medium of each image.

5.     A written explanation of how you intend to use the grant money if awarded, please include a back-up plan if your application is unsuccessful. In the case of education, residencies, etc. please report on the status of your application to these programmes, and provide a contingency plan if you are not accepted into the program.

6.     Two letters of reference from individuals who know the applicant in a relevant professional context, who are familiar with their artistic work (teachers/instructors, established artists, curators, arts professionals etc.). Contact information should be included for all references.

7.     Support material package may also include print materials including promotional materials, publications, newspaper or magazine articles.

8.     Please note: a final report on the use of the Award will be expected once the project is completed.


Applications must be received no later than 4:00 pm on Monday, October 15, 2012 at the Kingston Arts Council Office, 253 Ontario St, Suite 203 or by mail PO Box 1005, Kingston, ON K7L 4X8(applications by mail must reach the KAC office by the deadline). For questions regarding the application process please contact: Megan Sirett, Grants Officer, Kingston Arts Council [email protected] or 613-546-2999.