Kingston Arts Council
'Without Whom...' a play by R.J. Downes

Preview evening on May 23rd at 7:30pm, performances on MAY 24th at 7:30pm and MAY 25th at 7:30pm FOR TICKETS please call 613 929 0024 or email [email protected] What happens when we leave this life? Does the world really go on without us? What if we could make death wait…even if only for a little while? What would you say to that one important person in your life – given the chance? Ray and Maggie were married for forty years. They spent those forty years, bickering and fighting, loving and sometimes hating. Now that one of them has passed on how will the other go on alone? More importantly however, which one of them actually died? Based in part on the lives of Ray and Marguerite Bradbury (1922 – 2003), Without Whom is a funny and bittersweet play about love, loss, and the inability to let go of those we hold close to our hearts …even in death. Starring: Gordon Muir, Elizabeth Taylor, Stephanie Earp and Ben Hudson “Without Whom offers a candid and mature take on a romance between a dreamer and a realist…” NOW Magazine “Given the preponderance of combative dialogue, you could call it Edward Albee with a touch of sci-fi”. R.J.Downes has been a playwright, producer, stage manager and director for over 20 years. As a playwright his works have been performed all across the GTA and beyond. As a producer, director and stage manager he has worked with a wide and eclectic range of production companies in Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg and Vancouver. This production of ‘Without Whom…’ was originally presented at the SpringWorks Festival 2013 in Stratford, Ontario.