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The Salon Prize

(Please note: despite the similarity of names, this is not a KAC event; neither the KAC's Kingston Prize, nor the KAC's Juried Art Salon. Nevertheless, the KAC encourages you to enter!)

The Salon Prize – June 1, 2011

The third annual Salon Prize has commenced and is building steam! We looking forward to meeting new

The Salon Prize is a national art competition that focuses on supporting and showcasing national
talent. This Kingston based art competition was created in 2009 by creator Cleah Bunting
because of her lifelong love of art. All profits obtained from the submission are given out in
prizes the following year, “We do this because we love it and we want to help keep attention on
the importance of the arts, not to make money” says Cleah.

The Salon Prize gives artists, professional and amateur, the opportunity to showcase their
works, “The aim of this prize is to open doors for artists and their arts” says Cleah. Our art
showcase will take place at Gallery Raymond in Kingston where 16 chosen artists will have their
paintings displayed.

This is an open competition, meaning art submissions can take the form of paintings, drawings
and sculptures of any genre (abstract, realism, impressions etc) or medium (oil, acrylics,
watercolours, charcoal, pencil etc). The works can also be of any subject. For example:
landscapes, still life's, portraits, figurative are all acceptable. The art submitted must have been
done in the previous 10 years, and must be created and submitted by someone 18 years or older.
It is $35 to enter.

1st place: $2000
2nd place: $500
3rd place: $150
4th place: honourable mention
The Mark Bunting drawing award: $100

This competition is nationwide, accepting art from across the country. The deadline for
submissions is September 10, 2011.

All submission requirements can be found by visiting The Salon Prize website at

Also check out The Salon Prize 2011 on Facebook!

Please contact [email protected] for questions/interviews