...the first Arts Council in Ontario


"The Kingston Arts Council (KAC) promotes the production,
presentation and appreciation of the arts in Kingston and the region."

To The Kingston Arts Council is a registered non-profit organization, founded in 1963 to rescue the Grand Theatre from demolition.

The organization has been funded by the City of Kingston until 1998. From 2003 a Trillium Grant allowed the council to grow and hire two staff members -an Executive Director and an Office Aministrator. Operations until August 2007 were funded by the Healthy Community Fund and the Community Foundation of Greater Kingston. the KAC is currently supported by an operating grant from the Ontario Arts Council.

In June 2007 the Council agreed to partner with the City of Kingston in taking charge of the arts portion of the Healthy Community Fund , administring and adjudicating these grants to the community. These City of Kingston Arts Funds grants (CKAF) are described in more detail on the grants pages of this site.


Margaret Hughes, President
Julian Brown, Acting Past President
Larry House, Vice President
Molly Higginson, Treasurer
Marcia Shannon, Secretary
Alan Grant, Executive Director at Large

KAC Board of Directors 2007-2008

Julian Brown
Sally Chupick
Alan Grant
Michele Larose
Molly Higginson
Larry House
Margaret Hughes
Alison Migneault
Elspeth Murray
Anna Robertson
Liz Schell
Marcia Shannon
Michael Shumate
Mary Syrett


Advocacy Committee, Jessica Rovito,Secretary
Fundraising Committee, Alison Migneault
Grants Committee, Ian Hodkinson
Strategic Planning Committee, Michele La Rose


Joan Sutherland, Office Administrator; Webmaster
Ted Worth, Grants Director; Bookkeeper
Jennifer Radford Gibson, Grants Administrator


Annual Juried Art Salon
Kingston Portrait Prize, Julian Brown
Kingston Arts Council Gallery, Sally Chupick

Street Address

126 Wellington St., Suite no. 3
Kingston, Ontario
(corner of Wellington St. and Johnson St. in the historic Masonic Temple building, now home to the Wellington St. Theatre; enter by the Johnson St. door)

Postal Address:

P.O. Box 1005
Kingston, ON
K7L 4X8




The Council's Gallery and Offices are always open to the public Monday through Friday between 1P.M. and 5P.M. Please ring the KAC bell on the side of the door if it is closed. The ground floor is shared office space. The KAC Gallery is on the second floor. The entrance is on Johnson St. directly opposite the Kingston Frontenac-Public Library.


Arts Umbrella Organization

umbrella group
umbrella organization

An organization that represents and supports separate smaller bodies with common interests.

As an arts umbrella, the KAC does not make art, literature, archecture, crafts, design, music or theatre, but seeks to support in every way possible the work of those arts professionals, amateurs, students, and other members of the arts community who do.

There are several ways the council serves the arts community.


The KAC works with those who play a role in the success of the arts community in Kingston, seeking to support the quality of artistic work produced here and its importance to the city.

Further to this activity, the Advocacy Group of KAC has begun to offer information to decision-makers at the City of Kingston on issues pertaining to the arts, including increased funding for the arts.

Read the KAC Advocacy Report


The EAC helps nurture and raise awareness of the arts through special projects and partnerships in community initiatives. Some of these are:

Juried Arts Salon - Read Report of 2004 Art Salon
Kingston Prize for Canadian Portraiture
Gardening Festival - Read Report of Gardening Festival of 2004
Birch Bark Canoe Building Project -View photos
Kingston Arts Council Gallery
KISS Project - Read overview
T.C.C. Cummings Project

Website Presence and Arts News

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