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KAC eNewsletter will be sent to your inbox the last week of every month. Here is the most recent edition.

KAC eNewsletter's Aims

Its focus will be news about the latest work of the Arts Council in the Kingston region, as well as any arts news we consider to be newsworthy. Your Arts events will now be posted to the website when we receive them.

Our Common Wealth Project - A Call to Writers

If you are an established Kingston writer and would like to commit to writing two or three reviews during the season, of performances or other arts events in the area, in exchange for two complimentary tickets to that event, please add your name to our writers' list by sending us an email. Indicate your area of arts' interest and your contact numbers please.

Review a concert. Discuss a favorite work. Write about an up-and-coming young performer. We encourage you to submit reviews of shows and performances, and your impressions of books, films, artists, local architecture, a favourite designed object -- anything that's arts related.

But, all of us have been influenced by the arts or by contact with an artist at some point in our lives. Perhaps in school. Perhaps at a show. We invite everyone to send us your personal arts story.

If you are a member of the public, please send your stories to [email protected] . KAC reserves the right to veto any work unsuitable for publication.

Want To Get Reviewed?

If you are an arts presenter, please consider offering a KAC Common Wealth writer two comp tickets in exchange for their review. KAC will publish it within two days of the show.

Please contact the office about participating in the Common Wealth project. KAC reserves the right to veto any work unsuitable for publication.

The Kingston Arts Council is working to bring practicing artists together. Partly this is to allow the council to gather information about the issues its membership is facing in order to advocate with intelligence, build appropriate programming, and partly to encourage networking between the disciplines.

Following through with this emphasis on meeting with its artists KAC plans to begin publishing responses to shows and concerts people have seen or books read. This is our Common Wealth together, and it used to be call reviewing the arts.

Please mail us your review. Respond to art work and shows you've seen around Kingston.

We will publish some of these reviews in the eNewsletter and some on this site in their corresponding Arts pages. These pages are available in the top menu of the site.

Become a Common Wealth Reviewer.

Those writers able offer two or three reviews a season can be added to our list of KAC reviewers.KAC will add a free ticket to the show being attended. Email the office.

Become a Common Wealth Arts Organization


Common Wealth Stories

In addition we, you might have stories or a memory related to the arts. Perhaps you have made art or performed music yourself, taken a memorable class, played with your children and discovered something yourself, been moved by a great show, or by meeting and talking with an artist. Please mail us your story.

If you would like to be removed from our list (formerly ArtsBUZZ's list used when KAC sent out a regular arts news email) please click here. An email will be sent to unsubscribe you.