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Maker's Hand

This high caliber craft event shows paintings, objets d'art and fine press prints and books.

November 3rd - 4 to 8pm
November 4th & 5th - 10am to 5pm
prince edward community centre,
375 main street east,
picton fairgrounds

Thousand Island Arts-
A Country Home Christmas

2006 Studio Tour
November 25 & 26 10 - 5 pm
December 2 & 3 10 - 5 pm

Delvalle's Art Shop

160 Wellington St.
Downtown Kingston

Delvalle (pronounced Del-VAI-yay) integrates her memories and impressions of the aboriginal culture of her Venezuelan village childhood with contemporary techniques and interpretations. She has participated in numerous juried art shows in Canada and the United States, including solo exhibitions, and her work is represented in private collections internationally.

View her KAC page.


255 Ontario Street,
Kingston, ON
Tel: (613) 546-7967



Arts Education Partnership Initiative (AEPI)

The Arts Education Partnership Initiative (AEPI) recognizes the importance of providing a new resource to support arts education. It is a one-time $4 million program of the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Education administered by the Ontario Arts Foundation.

The deadline for applications is December 15, 2006.

The initiative matches money raised by arts and community organizations from donors to support new or enhanced arts education projects approved by an Ontario Arts Council review team. AEPI has begun taking applications from local arts organizations for this funding.

Organizations can also visit www.ontarioartsfoundation.on.ca or contact the following people for more information:

Director of Ontario Arts Foundation:
Janet Stubbs: 416-969-7413 [email protected]

Associate Director Ann Boyd: 416-969-7411 or [email protected]

Outside of Toronto calls:
1-800-387-0058 x7413 or 7411


Fireworks Glass Blowing Studio

Hours of Operation:
Mon.-Fri. 9am-5pm
Sat. 10am-5pm
Sun. 11am-4pm
56 Queen Street
Kingston, Ontario
K7K 1A4
(613) 547-9149
Web: www.glassrootsstudio.com

Home to award-winning glass artist Susan Belyea of Glass Roots, Fireworks was established in 1997 and offers a wide assortment of colourful, functional and decorative hand-blown glass. It also features selected work by other Eastern Ontario craft artists.

The public can watch the Studio Artists at work with molten glass in the Hot Shop.

MacLachlan Woodworking Museum

2993 Highway #2,
page- woodworkingmuseum

Kingston Town and Country Studio Tour


WHO: All artists wishing to join the Town and Country Studio Tour for 2007 are encouraged to apply.

Submissions and applications for the tour are accepted throughout February and March of the tour year. Further details of where to send your applications will be available on their website during February and March of the tour year.

For more information email them at [email protected]





Artisans and Craftpersons Career and Education

This unit group includes those who use manual and artistic skills to design and make ornamental objects, pottery, stained glass, jewellery, rugs, blankets, other handicrafts and artistic floral arrangements.

Makers of stringed musical instruments are also included in this unit group.

Most craftspersons are self-employed. Artistic floral arrangers are usually employed in florist shops and florist departments of retail establishments or may be self-employed.

Craft instructors are also included in this unit group and are employed by artisan guilds, colleges, private studios and recreational organizations.

Example Titles

artistic floral arranger
craft instructor
glass blower
leather worker
metal arts worker
stained glass artist
stringed instrument maker
totem pole carver

Main duties

The following is a summary of main duties for some occupations in this unit group:

Carvers use hand tools and woodworking machines to produce carvings from wood, stone and other materials and to carve ornamental designs into wooden furniture and other objects.

Glass blowers design and create glass objects using blowpipes and artisan's hand tools and equipment.

Metal arts workers design metal jewellery, utensils, implements, wall hangings and other objects and create them from gold, silver, copper, pewter and other metals.

Potters design ornamental and ceramic functional earthenware pieces and create them using clay, moulds, potter's wheels and other equipment, glazing materials and kilns.

Stained glass artists design stained glass windows, lampshades and other objects and cut, paint, fire and assemble pieces of stained glass to create such products.

Stringed instrument makers construct stringed instruments applying their knowledge of wood, ebonite, metal properties and other materials and instrument design using hand and power tools.

Weavers use hands or loom to interlace strips of flexible material such as wool, cotton, silk, grasses, bark and rawhide to make baskets, wreaths, wall hangings, clothing, rugs, blankets and other objects.

Craft instructors prepare craftmaking lessons, gather the required working materials and demonstrate and teach craftmaking techniques.

Artistic floral arrangers design bouquets, corsages, sprays, wreaths and other floral arrangements and select natural and artificial flowers, foliage and decorative accessories to create arrangements or other floral items to suit customers' requirements.

Employment requirements

Skills are often learned through apprenticeship with a master craftsperson.

Training programs are offered by artisan guilds, colleges and private studios.

Creative ability and talent, as demonstrated by a portfolio of work and knowledge of safe handling of material, tools and equipment are required.

A college diploma in fine craft techniques may be required.