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Our Common Wealth Project

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KAC has begun to publish Kingston writers' responses to shows and concerts held in the city as well as to books by Kingston authors. This is our shared Common Wealth; it used to be called reviewing the arts.

We would like to hear from you! Write us your responses to art work and shows you've seen around Kingston.

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If you are an established writer, able to offer two or three reviews a season, you can be added to our list of KAC reviewers. KAC offers two free tickets to the show being reviewed. Please email the office.

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If you are a local performing arts organization or published writer able to offer two comp tickets to your event, or a complimentary copy of your book to be reviewed, please contact us to set up a review.











An example Common Wealth story

I am working with women who are in a 90 day drug and alcohol recovery program. Many of the clients are either on parole or probation . One of the new arrivals was an older lady and she was very leery and suspicious about this Drawing outreach program. She stayed and observed the first two classes. The next week I brought an Alicica Keyes CD and asked her if she wanted me to draw her. She was so grateful about having her portrait done and she was so thrilled when I told her she had pretty eyes. She started to request specific materials each week when I came to the center and started to build architectural models of the halfway house, the church next door, her home and other structures out of cardboard. She told me that before she got addicted to drugs that she was a carpenter by trade. She told me that gaining access to materials and reconnecting to building something creative revived her passion again. She completed her ninety day program and hopefully will find her way back to the trade that she loved.

-Liz Maugans, Zygote Press, Cleveland

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