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CBC's Digital Diversity: Less than a month to submit your short film or your podcast!

Call to filmmakers, podcasters, students, youth organizations... from 18-to-35 years old.
Deadline: June 29

Less than a month to submit your short film or your podcast! What? You haven’t started yet?
However, you've been thinking about it for weeks now...Don’t wait any longer… express yourself, in sound and images, on the theme of immigration and intercultural relations. Does the subject preoccupy you? Offend you? Stir your emotions? Prompt you to act?

RCI viva wants to hear what you have to say! Submit your short film or your podcast (audio file), 3 to 8 minutes long.

Documentary, fiction or animated film.
Comedy, drama, crime story, science fiction, etc.

Enter now at www.RCInet.ca/digitaldiversity

Hurry! The deadline for submission is June 29! More than $25,000 in prizes to be won! Pass the word around! We’re looking forward to hearing your stories!

RCI viva thanks TELUS and SONY for their invaluable collaboration. This competition is sponsored by RCI viva, Radio Canada International's new Internet service that features programming in 8 languages for new and aspiring immigrants to Canada.

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