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Practices within an artist-run culture 1969-2006

10 January to 17 February 2007
Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre, 21A Queen Street, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

13 January to 6 February 2007
Project Room, Union Gallery, Stauffer Library, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario

13 January 2007
FORUM- 4:00 - 6:00 p.m., Union Gallery, Stauffer Library, Queen’s University, Kingston.
Guest panelists Johanna Householder, Tobias c van Veen, and Clive Robertson.

SPECIAL EXHIBITION VIEWING - 6:00 - 8:00 p.m., Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre
RECEPTION 8:00 - 10:00 p.m., Joy Supper Club, 178 Ontario Street, Kingston, Ontario

Then + Then Again is a touring retrospective of individual and curatorial projects created by the artist, curator, and critic Clive Robertson between 1969 and 2006. The exhibition comprises print, audio, and video documentation. Print documents include photographs, performance scores, programs, posters, and correspondence; audio documents include interviews with artists, curators, critics, and arts administrators, as well as audio art and alternative music; the video documents include works of video art and documentary productions.

The exhibition stems from a project started by Robertson in 1999 to organize and create a personal art production archive. This remains the overall goal of the exhibition, which will be deposited as a collection into a public archive upon its completion. As explained by Robertson, “The larger objective of this touring exhibition and its publication is to create new knowledge about ongoing approaches to contemporary art production.” This will be accomplished through the numerous documented art organizational strategies highlighted in Then + Then Again. In step with this goal, many of the materials within the exhibition will be made available to the public as multiples, both within and outside of the exhibition spaces. During the next year, the exhibition will tour across Canada and be featured at artist-run centres in Québec City, St. Catharines, Peterbourogh, Windsor, Toronto, Ottawa, and Regina.

On 13 January 2007, a public forum in conjunction with the exhibition will be held at Union Gallery, with guest panelists Tobias c van Veen, Johanna Householder, and Clive Robertson. The panel is to address several questions, including: how does an art premised on social exchange appear within local and international artist-curatorial practices; how and why are relationships between contemporary art and alternative cultural practices developed; and how useful and necessary are the mentoring and collaborative processes that help define artist-run practices? An adjunct exhibition featuring additional audio documentation will also be held in the Project Room of the Union Gallery during the show’s run in Kingston. Following the exhibtion receptions, an illustrated catalogue with essays by Kirsten Forket and Clive Robertson will be published by Modern Fuel and distributed by Art Metropole.

For further information please contact Gjen Snider, Program Director at 613-548-4883.

This exhibition is made possible by funding from the Canada Council for the Arts and the Ontario Arts Council.
The provincial tour is funded through the 2006 Ontario Arts Council - Touring & Collaborations Program.
Project Supervision: Gjen Snider. Production Assistance: Sarah Smith, Lisa Visser, Matt Rogalsky, James Greatrex, Michael Davidge, Troy Leaman and Carla Henderson. Production Support, thanks to: v/tape (Toronto), Union Gallery, George Richardson Taylor Memorial Fund, Human Media Lab, Meteor Painting Inc, Glidden Paints, The Joy Supper Club, and Alley Cat Antiques.