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Artist needed for holiday window art

The Growth & Initiatives Department of the City of Kingston is interested in commissioning some window artwork at the Grand Theatre for the holiday season. In specific they are looking for an artist to paint a winter scene or holiday scene (but not Christmas, needs to be nonreligious) on the windows in the entrance area of The Grand. The window is located at the front (to the left of Fiancee Jewelers), on Princess Street. The window is about 8 ft X 9 ft approximately and it has 3 panes in it.

They are looking for quotes on a price, and are willing to pay for materials etc. depending of course on overall price of the project.

If you are interested, they would like to get something put on the window as soon as possible.

For more information contact
Teresa Fraser
Growth & Initiatives Department
City of Kingston
Telephone 613-546-4291 ext. 3162
Fax 613-384-7758
[email protected]