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Call for submissions!

Community Arts Ontario is looking for authors and artists for our Spring 07 issue of CAM (Community Arts Matters!) We want to hear your voice in art and words about issues that matter to you from your region of Ontario.

CAM is published three times yearly. Each issue focuses on a different theme. Check the CAO web-site (www.communityartsontario.ca) for regular calls for submissions. Issue: Spring 07 Theme: The Case for Community Arts Education

Deadline for submissions: 9am, Friday March 30, 2007


* Articles and art must relate to the above theme
* Article length and fee:
o 800 word articles @$200
o 600 word articles with 1 photo (specs on application form) @$200
o Original art submissions by professional artists (specs on application form) (@$200
o We strive for each issue is to have one article/artwork from each major region of Ontario (Northwest, Northeast, Central, East, Southwest and GTA)
o Only writers and artists selected for publication will receive a fee.
o Racialised/Aboriginal artists, labour artists and artists with disabilities are encouraged to submit
o All material published by Community Arts Ontario is the sole responsibility of the author(s). The opinions and/or assertions do not necessarily reflect the editorial views of Community Arts Ontario, its Board or staff.

Selection Criteria and process:

* A Community Arts Ontario committee will select articles/artwork to be published.
* We will accept more than one submission per artist/author but only publish one submission per artist/author.
* Published articles and art will appear in the Spring 07 printed issue and posted on the CAO web-site four months after publication.
* Unpublished articles will be posted on the CAO web-site if the author requests it. There is no author fee for this.
* Decisions by the selection committee are final.
* Authors and artists will be notified of the decision 3 weeks after the deadline.
* Authors will be able to proof their articles before final publication.

CAM Submission Form- Ontario Residents only

Please submit this form with each submission of articles, photos and original art. Submissions by e-mail to: [email protected]

Download PDF version of Submission Form


1. Name you want published with your article:

2. If selected what name would you like your cheque made out to:

3. If appropriate, your role and/or organization:

4. Mailing address:

5. e-mail: telephone numbers:

6. Title of work(s):

7. Please indicate the category you are submitting to:

· Written article, maximum of 800 words @$.25 / word ____

· Written article, maximum 600 words + photo: @ $.25 word + $50 / photo (one photo only, please) ____

· Photo $50 ____

· Original artwork $200: ____

Specifications for art and photos submitted: Low Resolution - Accepted Format: .JPG, .PDF, .GIF Resolution: 72 DPI (if selected we will request a higher resolution: Accepted Format: .JPG, .PDF, .GIF, .CDR, .PSD, .CPT, .AI, Resolution: Minimum 200)

8. Please provide here a short bio for publication (max 50 words @ $.25 / word):

9. If your submission is not selected for publication in CAM (Community Arts Matters!) do you give permission for it to appear on the CAO web-site (there is no artist fee for this)?

­ __Yes, I give permission for my submission to be uploaded to CAO’s website

__No, you do not have permission to upload my submission to CAO’s website.