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The art of healing: Hotel Dieu Hospital
brings new dimension to patient care with
the "Waiting Room Gallery"

For more information about the Waiting Room Gallery, contact Debra Krakow at 613-544-3400 ext. 2421, or email [email protected].

The worlds of art and health care will soon intersect at Hotel Dieu Hospital with the launch of The Waiting Room Gallery, a new juried art exhibit set to enliven clinic waiting areas across the hospital. Breaking new ground in Kingston’s hospitals as the first juried exhibit to enhance the clinical experience of patients, families and staff, the gallery put out its first call for entries today.

“ Patients can arrive for their appointments feeling anxious and unwell,” explains Debra Krakow, Capital Projects Manager at Hotel Dieu. “If they can relax and enjoy their time in the waiting room, they’ll be in a better frame of mind to receive care. A painting or photograph can do a wonderful job of transporting the viewer to a time and place far removed from the hospital setting.”

Artists and their work will be selected based on their ability to embrace the gallery’s mission to calm, inspire and heal, says Krakow. And while all media are acceptable, space constraints mean that only artwork that can be hung on the walls will be considered: “We can accommodate works up to 42” high x 72” wide. If necessary, we’ll try to find suitable spaces for larger pieces.”

Artists will be able to exhibit their work for four-month periods in the rotating exhibit. The hospital will not collect any commission on sales.

The new gallery promises to create really meaningful encounters between contemporary art and those working in and accessing health care, says Jan Allen, Curator of Contemporary Art at the Agnes Etherington Art Centre and Chair of the Advocacy Committee of the Kingston Arts Council.

“As a zone of enforced passivity and anticipation, the waiting room offers an exceptional space for reflection, curiosity and contemplation. I look forward to seeing how artists respond to this opportunity.”

For more information about The Waiting Room Gallery, contact Debra Krakow at 613-544-3400 ext. 2421, or email [email protected].

Hotel Dieu Hospital is an ambulatory care teaching hospital that provides expert and compassionate care to more than 500,000 people in the Kingston area and southeastern Ontario. Our specialized clinics include services in pediatrics, ophthalmology, diabetes education, breast assessment, day surgery, acute care psychiatry and urgent care. Affiliated with Queen’s University, we work in partnership with Kingston’s university hospitals to deliver quality health care and we take pride in training the health care professionals of tomorrow.