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Friday December 8th
5.00 - 7.00 pm
The Artel
205 Sydenham Street
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" Policy Matters"

Policy Matters examines art production as a particular temporal and spatial series of social relationships organized, legitimated and circulated through administration, funding and publicity. With its lively mix of scholarly essays and cultural journalism, Policy Matters contributes to domestic and international understandings of the distinctive address of Canadian arts policy and organized art. As a historical and theoretical engagement with governance practices, this volume documents and discusses:
• the self-administrations of the artist-run centre movement;
• key accountability logics of arts funding and cultural policy;
• mediation and representational struggles over how art is “cared for.”

ISBN: 0-920397-36-0

"Technologies of Intuition"

This definitive anthology brings together texts, interviews and artists’ projects that centre on the theme of intuition. The contributors in this volume address facets of the sixth sense in art and culture from a wide range of perspectives, including those of visual, performance and new media art, cultural theory, art history, psychology, curating, and theatre.

Contributors include: Marina Abramovic (Amsterdam), Jo Applin (UK), Carolyn Bell Farrell (Toronto), Zoe Beloff (New York), Joanne Bristol (Banff), Karen Finley (New York), Jennifer Fisher (Toronto), Serena Keshavjee (Winnipeg), Katja Kessin (Montreal), Alexandra Kokoli (UK), Valerie Lamontagne (Montreal), Carlen Lavigne (Ottawa), Frances Leeming (Kingston), Jade McCutcheon (Australia), Barbara Balfour (Toronto), Linda M. Montano (New York), Bev Pike (Winnipeg), Beth Seaton (Vancouver), Carolee Schneemann (New York), Katarina Soukup (Montreal), Chrysanne Stathacos (Toronto), Paula Thomson (Los Angeles), Karen Trask (Montreal), Tricia Wasney (Winnipeg).

Co-published with Mentoring Artists for Women’s Art (MAWA) and DisplayCult
ISBN: 0-920397-43-3

The support of the Canada Council for the Arts in making these books possible is gratefully acknowledged.

For more information, contact YYZ Books at 416.598-4546 or
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Clive Robertson, Ph.D, MFA
Associate Professor
Aty History, Cultural Policy and Performance Studies
Department of Art
Queen's University, Kingston
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