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"Success In The Arts: What It Takes To Make It In Creative Fields"

Sponsored by the Kingston ArtsCouncil

- a presentation by A. Michael Shumate
author of the book by the same title and Professor of Graphic Design at St. Lawrence College.
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Saturday, March 3
2 - 3:30 pm
Etherington Hall
94 Stuart Street
Queen's University

Advance tickets $10,
At the door $12


This discussion is vital for anyone in or considering entering into any of the arts: music, dance, acting, filmmaking, writing or visual art (including graphic design and illustration. The principles covered will apply equally to all creative careers.

Here are some of the issues that will be covered:
• What qualities contribute most to success in the arts?
• How do you know if you have enough talent?
• What else do you need besides talent?
• What are some myths about creativity?
• What is real creativity and how do you cultivate it?
• How do you deal with criticism?
• How do you "get the breaks" in your field?
• What if you don't make it?
• What is the future of the arts?

Tickets are available:
Wallacks Art and Drafting Supplies, 271 Princess Street

Tara Natural Foods, 81 Princess Street

Frameworks, 198 Princess Street and
745 Bayridge Drive

Kingston Arts Council office:
1-5 pm, Tues-Fri, Wellington Street Theatre (Johnson St. entrance)

"Success In The Arts: What It Takes To Make It In Creative Fields,"

"Success In The Arts: What It Takes To Make It In Creative Fields," was published on February 1 by Kingston's Michael Shumate. "I was hoping to hit the bestseller list on Amazon. That didn't happen. But it wasn't a failure, either."

The book's Amazon.ca overall ranking was 2,086. In Amazon's system, #1 would be the top selling
book and #5,926,473 would be the bottom selling book. Yes, they really do have 5,926,473 books
for sale. Being book number 2,086 doesn't sound too good until you divide that score by 5,926,473
and find that Shumate's book was well under the top 1% (0.0351% to be precise).

Further scores within certain defined "Subject Rankings," were quite encouraging. Under "Arts &
Photography > Art > General," Shumate's book was #72. Under "Entertainment > Music >
General" it was #30. #14 under "Literature & Fiction > Drama > General," #10 under
" Entertainment > Performing Arts > Theater > General," and in both categories of "Arts &
Photography > Art > Instruction & Reference > Business of Art" and "Entertainment > Music >
Business" it came in at #2.

" Success in the Arts" is written for anyone either in or heading for a career in any of the arts:
writing, acting, film, dance, music or visual art (including illustration or graphic design). Michael
Shumate is a professor of graphic design at St. Lawrence College. His background in the wider
world of the arts comes from his family background. "My father was a career musician, my mother
was an artist. I married a music teacher and together we've had eight children, each one going into
one of the arts. Three are musicians, including one who plays French horn for the Phoenix
Symphony, two others are studying film at university, one is a writer, one more a photographer and
another is a fine woodworker."

The principles Michael covers in "Success in the Arts" apply equally to all of the arts. "It lets you
know the rules of the game that you are unlikely to learn in school. Who would want to go onto a
competitive playing field without knowing all of the rules?"

Shumate formed his own publishing company, Elfstone press Inc., to produce this book. “ Self-publishing is becoming a real force in the world of publishing.” Most people don’t realize that many of the really famous books started out as self-published books. “What Color Is Your Parachute?” “The One Minute Manager” and “Who Moved My Cheese?” are three examples just from the area of business books.

"It’s a great deal of work and a huge growing experience.”

When asked about his book’s opening day performance Michael commented, "Many people collaborated to help this happen and I really am pleased with the results."

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